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2014 Nov - 2015 Jun

Product Design

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Saihu pronunciation is the "master" of Minnan. The Vision is to resolve the doubt and hope everyone can use their trivial time with the knowledge and skills to have a transmission or flowing, Then let knowledge produces the greatest value.

RolePrincipal Designer
WorksUI/UX Design, Interaction Design, Branding, Web Design
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Building the products requires a mix of vision, customer feedback and continuous iteration. This timeline is about our product strategy, vision, and the path of growth in iteration. From the first start to final launched.

Phase 1 - MOOC

Phase 2 - Expert

Phase 3 - Q&A

Phase 4 - Consultant

The Next Phase

The Vision

Our primary goal is to provide the knowledge and it's all around in these four levels, Something is easy for the part of people, but for another part of people may feel it difficult. Mostly, you face with unknown things will feel helpless, so we defined the level of knowledge and trying to link with each different level of people.

Product Team

I'm in the flat organization that using agile development to build faster and effective development patterns, within a flexible way of communication that we could immediately respond to the situation and make decisions.

Innovation Circle

In the production and provision of services have defined the revamping of customer’s experience as the top priority within our strategic objectives. In this loop iteration that allows us to discover a feasible path towards product fit, quickly build a minimum viable product of that idea and to continue optimizing or refining the business model after reaching market fit.

Design Work

“ Create any possibility of flowing knowledge. ”

Carlos Wang CEO @ SaihuX Inc.